An industrial
know how received as legacy,
combined with the performance of innovative technologies

Annecy Technology is located at the very heart of an industrial territory where it has developed and produced customized stamped, deep drawn, overmolded, injection molded parts and washers since the 1980s.

Industry 4.0

We keep continuously investing in 4.0 processes in order to become even more performant and meet your expectations.

We are TIER 2 supplier and acknowledged partner for various business sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, defense, medical equipment, electronics and other industries. We develop tailor-made parts that will fit your specifications.


Already more than
150 parts
co-developed together
with our customers
Yearly investments
of approx.
500 000 €
65 employees
8.5 M€
4200 m2

Our Know How

Discover our service offering & innovative customized products
Deep Drawing
Injection Molding